My goal as a teacher of singing is to help students find their own authentic voices and to have fun in the process! I start by teaching healthy vocal technique, which consists of various exercises to help them sing with an open, full, free, supported, and controlled tone. Ultimately, I want to help them enrich their experiences as artists and put them in the creative driver’s seat!

For more details and rates, please email me at: jeannette@jeannettedarmand.com


  • BFA in Drama, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
  • Private Study with Neil Semer, New York, NY
  • Multiple NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) conferences and workshops

Teaching Experience

    • Private Voice Studio, 2000-present
    • Voice Teacher for Musical Theater Summer School – Middle School – 5th Avenue Theatre
    • Voice Teacher, Kennedy High School, 2001-2006
    • Guest Master Teacher, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano, CA
    • Guest Teacher and Performer, Juneau Lyric Opera, Juneau, AK
    • Guest Teacher and Performer, Chuckanut Jazz Festival, Bellingham, WA
    • Master Teacher in Voice, Experience Music Project’s Advanced Apprenticeship Program, Seattle, WA
    • Drama Teacher, Holy Rosary Middle School, Seattle, WA
    • Assistant Drama Teacher, West Seattle Theater Arts, Seattle, WA

What Students Are Saying

“Jenny is a profoundly creative teacher who takes students at the stages at which they come to her and uses clear images to teach quality technique. I have increased my range, learned freer technique and grown musically as a result of studying with Jenny. She is terrific!”

Dana F. – Seattle

“Jenny is my masterful teacher, wise mentor, and dear friend. Over the years, she has given me many precious gifts: a reliable and confidence-inducing process for audition preparation, a plethora of healthy technique-building tools, true passion for singing, and love for myself through learning to love my own authentic voice. I always feel truly seen by her, both as a performer and human being. Each lesson, she gauges my mental and physical state, and uses this as a springboard to provide the perfect balance of challenge and encouragement. I have grown more than I ever believed possible. After years under her instruction, I confidently call myself a singer.”

Annika Knapp – Student, University of Washington

Jenny has transformed our daughter’s voice from an inherently strong voice into a beautiful singer. She is a fabulous and talented voice teacher and is fantastic working with teenagers. She totally gets them and also brings out the best in their voices. My high school daughter had been in several vocal programs in Seattle before we found Jenny and she’s now been happily studying with her for 3 years. She sings all the way home after a Jenny lesson and sang a solo for my Mother’s Day gift!

Jann V. – Seattle, WA

What you gifted us today went so far beyond my imagining. Your voice class was the best “worship leader training” I’ve ever taken. You brought to my attention subtleties of voice tone, inflection and intention I notice in speakers who touch my heart, but I have never understood nor had the skill to emulate. Every lesson was confidence building as well as skill building. After watching you coach our group, one person at a time, I am more conscientious of how I can use my vocal delivery to reflect the meaning I want to convey. I have more confidence and am inspired to put into practice all that I heard. My most exuberant appreciation, Jenny. You were just magnificent with us.

Terra Anderson, Worship Leader – Universalist Unitarian Congregation of Whidbey Island

“Working with Jenny has been both a positive and meaningful experience. Her strong passion for jazz and direction has helped me grow immensely. She’s a hip, smart musician who adores her students and loves sharing with them the gift that she has been blessed with.”

Courtney Fortune – Student, Bellingham

“…her instruction has brought forth a confidence in me that really shined on stage.”

Ashley Hoppes – Student, Bellingham High

“I love taking voice lessons with Jenny! After a busy day at school, I arrive at Jenny’s apartment and find an oasis, far away from my other everyday activities. She has become my mentor, my friend, my teacher, my inspiration. Jenny taught me about the power of art, the force of emotion, and the value of connecting with other people. Before I met Jenny, I thought of singing as hitting the right notes; now I think of it as emotion-sharing. In this sharing, I connect with other human beings and feel better about my day. I would not trade my time at Jenny’s oasis for anything in the world.”

Katherine Meltzoff, Student, Bush School, Seattle

“I’m writing as a parent, not a student, but writing because my daughter is so transformed by her singing lessons with Jenny. She adores working with her and I am thrilled by the time they spend together. She comes home cheerful and inspired after her singing lessons, turned on to life and ready to take on the world. As a parent, one could not ask for more. Jenny is a marvel. I wish I could bottle her good nature and magic.”

Patricia Kuhl, Parent

“Our last lesson was transcendant for me. It was so satisfying after only a few months to feel and hear coming out of me (me!) the effortless, open, soaring tone I’ve hoped was possible but had not until then been able to achieve. I so appreciate the relentless precision of your ear, and the gentle but firm attention with which you apply it to my efforts, patiently catching and retraining my foibles of breathing and posture, and my tendency to push those low notes. Your sense of humor and zest for life make it a joy to study with you!”

With gratitude,
Kelley Knickerbocker