Riveting Rosies


The Riveting Rosies, a creamy, tight-harmony girl trio of curvaceous crooners, sing Golden Age tunes with an intoxicating sound and pert, sassy, vintage pin-up style.

The Rosies met in the factory while the boys were overseas, but when the boys returned and the gals received their marching orders back to the kitchen, our Rosies just couldn’t go. From riveting (bang-bang) to RIVETING (boom-boom!), our Rosies are a yesteryear Thelma and Louise plus one. Catch ’em if you can! Contact us at TheRivetingRosies@gmail.com for booking information!

The Riveting Rosies is comprised of singers Jeannette d’Armand, Billie Wildrick and Candice Donehoo. Visit this page or www.the-riveting-rosies.com for notifications of upcoming performances!